Clarification comes with the numbers. 

When numbers are assigned to project details, you can make informed decisions. Our cost estimates are demonstrative of current knowledge of market conditions, verified and vetted through field experience. We consider varied elements—including the underlying factors contributing to the cost of design variations. High-quality information leads to an understanding of the impact of early project drivers.

We think like engineers—but engineers passionate about budget control.

Cost Estimating

Cost estimation is the science and art of pricing uncertainty. Our degreed engineers play the critical role in assigning value to labor, equipment, and assets. Accurately quantifying costs requires a comprehensive understanding of the scope, even during early project stages.

VJA's contributions extend from concept to bid, necessitating a thorough understanding of the design and decision-making process for construction projects. Our cost estimating approach is unique because of its reliance on the best research findings available and our honest and thorough assessment of conditions.


Scheduling is done based on information given to VJA by the designer or contractor. A base schedule is developed and milestones are inserted as the project moves forward.

We can help prioritize activities and establish logical linkages between project phasing, materials sourcing, and available labor and expertise. Similarly, when done well, quantifying time requirements requires considering a host of interdependent factors: time of year, site conditions, staff productivity, materials deliveries, governmental regulations, etc.

VE Estimating

VJA’s methodology for value engineering involves identifying substantial options with a focus on analyzing value.

Constructability Review

The review of the relative efficiency of constructing a building or structure is about the project budget. VJA brings the all- important budget analysis to the review.

The sooner errors in strategy and potential delays and overruns can be identified, the sooner more effective and efficient alternative can be developed and similarly vetted.

Risk Management

What’s the solution to controlling the sometimes uncontrollable? Because damage to a project can manifest in monetary terms and time delays, it is important to be thoroughly prepared for all potential uncertainties.

Instead of relying entirely on predictive analytics as the primary tactic for reducing risk, we choose to thoroughly prepare our clients for all possible negative outcomes.