Clarification comes with the numbers. 

When numbers are assigned to project details, you can make informed decisions. Our cost estimates are demonstrative of current knowledge of market conditions, verified and vetted through field experience. We consider varied elements—including the underlying factors contributing to the cost of design variations. High-quality information leads to an understanding of the impact of early project drivers.

We think like engineers—but engineers passionate about budget control.

Cost Estimating

Cost estimation is the science and art of pricing uncertainty. Our degreed engineers play the critical role in assigning value to labor, equipment, and assets. Accurately quantifying costs requires a comprehensive understanding of the scope, even during early project stages.

VJA's contributions extend from concept to bid, necessitating a thorough understanding of the design and decision-making process for construction projects. Our cost estimating approach is unique because of its reliance on the best research findings available and our honest and thorough assessment of conditions.

Alternative Design Cost Solutions

VJA’s budget control process begins with reviewing the pros and cons of various design concepts from a cost perspective, indicating clear cause-and- effect impacts to the schedule and fiscal allowances.

Life Cycle Cost Analysis

Our goal is to analyze value over the course of 10, 20, 30 years. We consider varied and sometime volatile elements. When accomplished effectively, lifecycle cost analysis provides meaningful context for the scope.

VE Estimating

VJA’s methodology for value engineering involves identifying substantial options with a focus on analyzing value.