Urban Development

Buffalo Outer Harbor Redevelopment - Master Blueprint

Perkins + Will

VJ Associates developed a master plan for the reuse and redevelopment of 171 acres of the Buffalo Outer Harbor for a mixed-use waterfront development required our cost estimating services. Based on a review of the planning and economic development documents, our firm provided a cost estimates including residential neighborhoods with apartments, townhouses, retail development, entertainment, recreation and remediation work. A market analysis was also performed based on the public and private cost scenarios.

Brooklyn Academy of Music Grand Plaza and Cultural District Public Space Streetscape

Ken Smith Workshop 

An order of magnitude cost estimate and a schematic design cost estimate were provided for the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) Grand Plaza and Cultural District Public Space Streetscape. Included in this estimate are the demolition of parking lots, sidewalks, walls, and drainage.

Other Urban Development Projects

Race Street Pier and Connector
Field Operations

We provided cost estimating services for the Race Street Pier, which was part of the first efforts of a much larger initiative to revitalize the Philadelphia Waterfront.

Lower Schuylkill River District Master Plan

The Master Plan Study for the Lower Schuylkill River District created a blueprint for high-quality sustainable development of this historically industrial corridor. Our cost estimates were included in the Study’s prioritization of redevelopment opportunities for the 2,400 acre site.

MassDevelopment Vicksburg Square Conditions Assessment
ICON architecture, Inc.

We provided Order of Magnitude cost estimates for an assessment of the condition of four buildings in the Devens Historic District that had been vacant for more than 10 years.

Downtown Jamaica Revitalization Initiative
HR & A Advisors

Revitalization of Downtown Jamaica is important to the economic growth of the area.  The cost estimating services we provided allowed the Empire State Development Agency to see potential costs to the development initiatives.