Parks & Waterfront

Walden Pond New Visitor Center

Maryann Thompson Architects

Cost estimating services were provided for this LEED Gold, Net Zero Energy project. The 6,000 SF Visitor Center provides visitors a place to learn about the legacy of Walden Pond State Reservation and the conservation efforts to protect it. Large sliding glass welcomes visitors to a large open function space that feature interpretive displays related to the life history of Henry David Thoreau. Sustainable design features include reuse of wood from the site; a daylighting strategy that allows the building to be lit during the day by natural sunlight; overhangs that provide shade during the summer months; and a large photovoltaic array covering the back area of the parking lot will provide shade for parked cars in the summer months and all the electric needs of the building.

LOVE Park Improvement Project

Hargreaves Associates

Cost Estimates were provided for the initial schematic and design development for the redesign of John F. Kennedy Plaza. 

The park is the home of the Robert Indiana LOVE sculpture and sits above an underground parking garage.

The project also called for the renovation or replacement of the existing Fairmount Park Welcome Center building. 

Other Parks & Waterfront Projects

Friends of the Rail Park

Conceptual cost estimating services were provided for the Viaduct Greene Study which evaluated the potential for public space and future development for the former City Branch and 9th Street Branch corridor in Center City Philadelphia. There is also speculation of a dual use of the City Branch corridor as both a BRT transit line and a pedestrian and cycle way. 

Race Street Pier and Connector
Field Operations

Cost estimating services were provided for the Race Street Pier and Connector which is part of a larger initiative to revitalize the Philadelphia waterfront and the overall development of the Central Delaware area. It includes: open spaces, lawns, ample seating, storm water management, utilities, streetscape, and landscaping. The project focuses on improving safety and establishing a pedestrian environment.

National Park Service Home Garden Circulation Rehabilitation in Hyde Park

Cost estimates were provided for the circulation rehabilitation for the Home Garden at Hyde Park, home of Franklin D. Roosevelt. The Home Garden was identified as part of the park’s historic core management zone and enhances the historic character of the landscape. The historic spatial organization and circulation of the garden has been reestablished, introducing a community garden-type use.

The High Line
Field Operations

We provided cost estimating and value engineering services for the redevelopment of an old railway into a 256,141 SF, 1.45 mile, 22 block, innovative urban design of public spaces and parks elevated 18-30 ft. above the ground. Features included landscaping, custom lighting, furniture, viewing spurs, amphitheater seating, water features, public access, playgrounds, paving, site drainage and flyover bridge. The project consisted of three work phases: Site Preparation which involved demolition and removal of obstructions; Section I, which spanned from Gansevoort to West 20th Street; and Section II covered the remaining project from West 20th to 30th Street.